Something I swore I would never do. . . .

RETAIL!!!!  But, we are almost actually ready for the holidays. . yes, the holidays. Please don’t hate me for using those words. . .But, they must be spoken if your life has anything to do with . . .ahem. . .retail.

We are also preparing for 2 shows this October. One is our most favorite, The Annual Herbal Fest. Everything sold must be handmade.  So, It’s sweet and old fashioned and so much fun to go to.

In addition to all of our all natural products that we make here, shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotions, body butter, linen/room spritz, we have added accessories to make baskets with and sell separately. Beautiful sea sponges, body dry brushes, an array of essential oil diffusers, and of course our very own “bella bags”.  They are handmade, filled with flax and come in all shapes and sizes. I have finally made a friend of my sewing machine, and my long time friend, Jerri Lynn has joined us to make the bags and some other wonderful thing to unveil at a later date!!



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