“What do you think about massage therapy?”

. . .said my sweet husband, Bob Lee (which is how I like to address him).. Yes, his name is Robert Lee and I am a dyed in the wool Yankee. For some reason, I’m happy his middle name doesn’t start with an “E” . But, it can still bring about a lively conversation.

The idea of massage therapy was suggested after a rather eye opening afternoon. As I stated before, I had been in the restaurant business for 27 years. The last 15 or so, I was cooking. About 2 weeks after moving here to Louisiana we were invited to a small gathering featuring “pot luck”.  I had  decided to make an oriental coleslaw (of which I sold pounds a day at my former deli). I was sure I was going to sweep them ALL off their feet, make them wonder where I had been all of their culinarily deprived lives!! I was going to be an instant HIT!!!!

Much to my utter disappointment and jaw dropping disbelief, one of the guests, whom I love dearly to this day and know he would be absolutely mortified if he knew I had seen him serve himself a heaping spoonful, take a big bite, spit it back on his plate and head directly to the trash to scrape all evidence it had ever been there.

It was clear to me at that moment I had A LOT to learn about cooking Southern food. And it soon became even clearer that I had no desire to start. It’s an art all of it’s own, so I decided to sit back and enjoy all the pleasures the South had in store for me, and set aside my desire to cook to impress.

. . . hence, the suggestion of massage therapy.  And thank God he did, Much like the restaurant business, massage has thoroughly integrated itself into my bloodstream and I love it just as much. Which, is a mouthful for anyone who has been in the restaurant business and claims to love it.

Thank you Bob Lee,


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