That was then, this is now. . .

Not long after we decided to close the “etsy” store, a friend told me she thought we needed to sell things that had to do with the spa.  .  .which of course, makes all the sense in the world. . . it just wasn’t my idea. I was a bit battered from the previous year. I’m really not afraid to fail, it’s happened plenty of times before.  I just don’t like it much and I was still licking my wounds.

Making the natural product line never stopped.  Our base line included bar soap, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, body butter,  and lip balm. We started with three scents. Rosemary Lemon, Sweet Orange Lavender and Lavender. Spring brought on a new set of eyes. The product was actually standing on its own. We developed more scents and products. Keeping the new scents “seasonal” opened us up to becoming more adventuresome and we could really tailor specific scents to specific clients. For example, a client really liked the smell of a popular body lotion and brought us the container. We made it from our natural lotion base and essential oils and the result was a bit different, but the client loved it and so did we. We made it a permanent scent on our shelves. It’s called “Ginger Citrus” and it is amazing. Another we decided to keep for the fall and winter is frankincense and lavender. It’s luxurious and so fitting for the holidays. Of course, EVERY holiday season we offer peppermint and it flies off the shelves.

Slowly, we started to add new product. “No Mess” bath bombs.  Michelle told us the only time she used a bath bomb is when she is out of town. They make a huge mess.  Amanda and I decided to encase the ingredients in cheesecloth and you can let it bob around the tub, or use to exfoliate. The results are the same. .smooth soft skin, fragrance that is heavenly and absolutely NO MESS!!!  YAY!  They are beautiful too. . .great gifts! Additions of loofah sponges filled with soap, (big seller) bath salts, oatmeal body scrubs, linen spritz and our newest offering, bee’s wax candles have all been added slowly in the last two years.  .  . we have been  busy.

Special requests started to come in slowly. .  pain cream, something for restless leg, remedies for insomnia, etc.  Thanks to a few of our persistent and patient clients, we began to put our heads together and we were happy to be working on projects that proved to be a bit more challenging and exciting than making soaps and lotions. Don’t get me wrong, we love making the core products. . .But, you can only do so much of the fluff before it becomes predictable and a little mundane.

Special orders. . requests and suggestions. We love a challenge. If I don’t get back to expand on one of our favorite subjects. . .

Merry Christmas and  a Happy New Year!!!!!







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