How could I have left her out?

How could I have left her out?.


How could I have left her out?

Patricia Anne Knope Kelley. . .Oh my. . . She is the genius behind BOTH websites. and  Its all her.

All her hard work, design and beautiful way makes them both so very special. It was her idea from the beginning to start a website and they have turned out to be  critical to our success.

Thank you Trisha. . .I love you. xoxo

I’ve really never been very good at having a boss. .  moving from about as far north as I could live, to moving as far south as I could go, and changing careers didn’t change that fact one bit. . .  From the crazy restaurant life of 27 years to deciding massage therapy would be a wonderful path to explore. . .

Spa Bella was born in 2007. It’s really, really hard to believe. It can just about make me cry. From a little 2 room, all by myself, starter building, to what we get to work in and enjoy now. . .4700 square feet of massage, infrared sauna, skin and full body treatments, yoga, and lots more. . . .and if that wasn’t enough. . . We have “little bella” too! An all-natural product line that we make here, on site, and love EVERY minute of it. Our passions are many and we are lucky to get to do what we love with the best bunch of girls I’ve ever known. . .Amanda, Michelle, Jessica, Jenny and Jerri Lynn. Andi Hernandez may not be working here anymore, but her expertise in creating our brochure will always be remembered. As will Leigh Buffington, for all of her hard work through the years designing 3 Spa Bellas. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Well, that’s all for now. . .I am just learning this process. It’s gonna be interesting. Learning something completely foreign is a bit scary. This is going to be fun.


The first “Spa Bella”. . .my, how she has grown.